365 Days at Peking

Reality Bites

Reality Bites TROY DYER: "Today we have with us...
"the Pulitzer Prize winning documentarian
Lelaina Pierce. Lelaina, after your first film,
Why Barbie Is Bad... You seem to have
forgotten all about...your best friend,
Troy Dyer"


What was that name again?


TROY: Oh, right through the heart...
I'll probably be working at the Whole
Foods... playing warehouses...hanging
around places like the Radio Shack...
screaming that I used to know you...
and you'll be there in the lights...
and you'll be all beautiful and shit.



LELAINA: Oh, Troy... No, no, no.
That'll never happen. They would
never hire you at Whole Foods.


TROY: You see, Lainie, this is all we need...
a couple of smokes, a cup of coffee...
And a little bit of conversation.
You and me and five bucks.

LELAINA: You got it.
TROY: You know what? -Hmm?
LELAINA: No, no, no. -What?


LELAINA: Troy, I can't. I can't.
TROY: Why not? You never thought about it?
LELAINA: Well, yes, of course I have, but I...
TROY: But what?
LELAINA:  I can't not be friends with you, OK?

TROY:  I don't want that. That's not what I'm talking about.
I'm talking about a... you know, evolving.

LELAINA:  I just can't handle this right now.
I can't evolve right now.

Director: Ben Stiller

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3 comentarios

Felipe -

Esa película es genial. Tiene una gran profundidad y escenas como esa son simplemente exquisitas. En cada ocasión descubres algo nuevo. Grande Troy Dyer. Chau!

ana -

Puff... a los 14 fui a ver esa peli al cine, vaya salto que pegue cuando el divino Ethan le come la boca! Una de mis primeras fantasias eroticas... Juventud, divino tesoro!

IxcheL -

Como olvidad esa película “La Dura Realidad” en mi viejo blog hice un par de entradas impulsadas por esa película, digna de la generación “x”.

Un saludo a ti nena.
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¿Y esta publicidad? Puedes eliminarla si quieres