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Calaveras y Diablitos

Calaveras y Diablitos
Dear pengyouses,
Since Marco Polo went to buy cigarrettes without mentioning to his wife that he wanted ZhongNanHai’s number 8 , Italians are said to be poets, sailors and/or saints, as well as Spaniards are all bullfighters and/or flamencos (Though MarcoPo didn’t have anything to do with this).
We’re having a party at Yu Gong Yi Shan this Friday 24th and we promise you won’t find any of this. Instead there’ll be live percussion played by some nice guys with huge hands, beautiful photographs by ugly Norberto and 4 dj’s 4!!! fighting to play for you. Actually Carlo proposed to put up a ring, and wrestle only in his underwear but thank god, he forgot after the second tequila...
The party is called Ayi DJ because we all love our Ayi’s (cleaning ladys), specially when they advice you that is not healty having more beer than water at home, and chips as the only food, or throw away your hash thinking that it is... (who knows what they think it is?). Anyway, they are the closest we have to a Chinese grannie, and Gordi’s Ayi is really happy to be on the poster...
You’re all welcome, bullfighters or not, to enjoy the party.
Calaveras y Diablitos.

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la chinita -

it sounds VERY fun. wish i m there.. damnnnnnn

Estrique -

Vale, entonces creo que vi las fotos de Indonesia, creo que vamos a estar dos días y medio en Bali y otro en Yakarta así que si nos lo curramos nos dará tiempo
La Maribé no me informa bien jejeje

xiaoisa -

Vaya! Pues en Malasia aun no he estado!!! Maribela, que te lias, que solo estuve en Indonesia!!!Si vais a Bali teneis que ir ida y vuelta en el dia a Jogyakarta, a ver los templos de Borobudur y Prambanan. Impresionantes!

Estrique -

Isa, la Maribé me ha enseñado tus fotos de Malasia e Indonesia y me he enamorado...
Ya nos contarás más en Shanghai
Tenemos casi todos los billetes, sólo nos faltan los vuelos domésticos

xiaoisa -

Anda!!! norberto cuenca era becario de hace dos anos, creo! Muy amigo de Ceci, becaria de aqui muy maja el ano pasado. Yo no lo conozco pero Ceci me dio su pagina web para que viera las fotos de sus viajes, que son preciosas. Saca unas fotografias estupendas! Beso y buen fin de semana!