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El retrato de Dorian Gray

El retrato de Dorian Gray

“All good hats are made out of nothing"


"Like all good reputations, Gladys" interrupted Lord Henry. "Every effect that one produces gives one an enemy. To be popular one must be a mediocrity."


"Not with women" said the duchess, shaking her head; "and women rule the world. I assure you we can't bear mediocrities. We women, as some one says, love with our ears, just as you men love with your eyes, if you ever love at all"


"It seems to me that we never do anything else," murmured Dorian.


"Ah! then, you never really love, Mr. Gray" answered the duchess with mock sadness.


"My dear Gladys!" cried Lord Henry. "How can you say that? Romance lives by repetition, and repetition converts an appetite into an art. Besides, each time that one loves is the only time one has ever loved. Difference of object does not alter singleness of passion. It merely intensifies it. We can have in life but one great experience at best, and the secret of life is to reproduce that experience as often as possible."


"Even when one has been wounded by it, Harry?" asked the duchess after a pause.


"Especially when one has been wounded by it" answered Lord Henry.

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To make good use of life one should have in youth the experience of advanced years, and in old age the vigor of youth. (Stanislars I, Polish king)

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Life find its wealth by the claims of the world, and its worth by the claims of love.

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"Every effect that one produces gives one an enemy".

Con esa frase me quedo, creo que es la que mejor se identifica conmigo en este momento. Cosas de la vida.

Un gusto estar en tu bitácora. Saludos.