365 Days at Peking


GiLDa BALLIN MUNDSON: You knew him before.
BALLIN: Johnny.
GILDA: Johnny Farrel?
BALLIN: You knew him before.
BALLIN: Don't ever lie to me.
GILDA: I'm telling the truth. I don't think I ever knew him.
BALLIN: I see. You're a child, Gilda. A beautiful, greedy child.
I like to feed you beautiful things. You have such a good appetite.
GILDA: But I shouldn't make any mistakes?
BALLIN: No, you shouldn't.
GILDA: If you're worried about Johnny Farrel, don't be. I hate him.
BALLIN: And he hates you. That's apparent. But hate can be an
exciting emotion. Haven't you noticed that?
GILDA: You make it s...
BALLIN: There is a heat in it one can feel. Didn't you feel it tonight?
BALLIN: I did, and it warmed me.

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Qalamana -

Gilda es una de mis películas favoritas, no sé cuantísimas veces la he visto... y ese diálogo que has seleccionado es muy bueno...

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