365 Days at Peking

Bend it like Beckham


As the German World Cup is getting closer, people starts developing an excitement feeling about football, even us girls that we've never been very fond of this game.


These days in Beijing, we're having a kind of "mini-league" that takes place in the old parkings in front of NanJie and Yu Gong Yi Shan bars. The winner team will have the opportunity to fly to Germany in June.



And of course, the Spaniards (actually a mix of Spaniards, French, English and South Africans all dressed in orange) are participating... even if they are not as good players as we pretended them to be... but at least the team counts with the hottest guys of all this Chinese league.


We, the cheerleaders, between beers and chats, we try to help as much as we can shouting the name of our team, GROOTE BORSTE ("big boobs" in Afrikaans...) when they score or, mainly, when the rival team scores them...


Then, when the matches and the "summer-cinema" are over, we ride back home by bicycle enjoying a very pleasant night. And in these moments I just can't avoid thinking that I love being here.


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Qalamana -

Tú juegas o animas?

Por cierto, gran texto el de Epistemología...

ana -

Big Boobs????