365 Days at Peking

The Rhetoric of Balance

The Rhetoric of Balance

-Cats or dogs?
-Obviously dogs.
-I knew it.
-Dogs or cats?
-Of course cats.
-I also knew it.
-Why dogs?
-The only thinking that, somehow, they need you, that makes them lovable.
-Umh... I like that
-Why cats?
-They are elegant... uhm... and independent. But still I like what you said.
-Anyway. I prefer penguins. That's something in between.

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Supra Vaider High -

Practice perfect, as you well know, and perfection is within your grasp. Put in the extra time now, and make an outstanding impression.

yining -

dilemas querida...
pero tenemos que tomar una decisión...
la mía me traerá muchas cosas, buenas y malas. Una buena, ya la sabemos (en enero a tope con la cope!) ;)
tq loca!